Finding Success

  • Tuesday 01 Nov 2022
  • by Simon Phin
Simon Phin - Finding Success

Finding success is not the same for everyone. Most of the time, it requires navigating through life's ups and downs.

This can feel isolating and difficult, but one person found a way to artfully express this reality.

French dancer Yoann Bourgeois utilizes a staircase and trampoline in a mesmerizing acrobatic routine that successfully illustrates how success is rarely linear.

In this performance, Bourgeois attempts to climb the solitary staircase.

Partway through, he falls and lands gracefully on the trampoline below, which in turn propels him back onto the staircase. Bourgeois then continues his ascent but it is interrupted again by stumbles that send him toward the trampoline.

Every time he topples, he finds a way to return to the path. This graceful presentation demonstrates how people persevere through life's obstacles to reach their goals.

This entire routine is accompanied by melodic music which emphasizes the pose of Bourgeois' movements.

It is notable that at every falter on the staircase, he returns to his journey just as steadfastly as before. It celebrates the beauty of picking oneself up after failing and then having the courage to try again. (courtesy of mymodernmet.com)