How History’s Great Leaders Managed Anxiety

  • Monday 01 Jun 2020
  • by Simon Phin
Simon Phin - How History’s Great Leaders Managed Anxiety

How do you manage anxiety? As anyone who runs a business, large or small, well knows, keeping it all together is a feat in itself.

Early this year, as I saw the writing on the wall coming out of China, I knew we would be in for a battering across our global operations. Acknowledging this, quickly accepting it and acting swiftly helped a ton.

I'm an avid reader and subscriber to the Harvard Business Review. The depth of useful information at your fingertips is brilliant.

This is an excellent article by Nancy Koehn, the James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and author of the book 'Forged in Crisis', (which is a great read, too, I might add).

None of us are bulletproof. That's the first thing to accept.