Idiots At Work

  • Monday 01 May 2023
  • by Simon Phin
Simon Phin - Idiots At Work

After a few years, months, weeks (hours!) of working with others, you soon realise there's an odd one or two in the hen house. Or, more bluntly, idiots at work.

In my twenty years of speaking with people about team dysfunction, poor performance, and general inability to thrive in the workplace I haven't been able to pinpoint just how to address this until tonight.

Everyone's out (except the dog) and I've got the TV to myself and I'm gifted this magnificent talk by Norwegian, Per Henrik Stenstrøm. You see the problem isn't others, it's often ourselves - it's often me.

The inability to accept others and not being open to people 'not like us' just holds us back. Too many of us like to live in a world like Jim Carrey's film from 1988, 'The Truman Show'. All glossy, all smiling, all on 'the same page'.

But when we're not on the same page we actually learn something, not always the lesson we want or need, but we still learn and that's the great message of this short TED talk. I enjoyed it a ton and I hope you do, too.