Realities of Fatalities

  • Tuesday 01 Oct 2019
  • by Simon Phin
Simon Phin - Realities of Fatalities

BHP released their Annual Report today to the ASX and the Australian media has jumped on the note of BHP's CEO, Andrew MacKenzie, remuneration 'dip' by some 24% due to missing performance targets - including the death of a worker at a coal mine in Queensland.

The subject deserves attention, not to draw only on the matter of performance targets and the effects a fatality, or fatalities, can have on a CEO & Director's incomes but rather an emotive measure that is too often missed.

A fatality stays with everyone. It can never be erased from our memories, nor should it be. Rather those that lead organisations know this all too well. I am yet to meet an Executive, at any level, that cannot remember the name of a lost employee, their spouse and, too often, the names of the children many years from the incident.

I've spent more than a few quiet moments with these people reflecting on the loss of life and how it affects them. Yes, the Board & Management should be held, rigorously held, to account on the safety & well being of the workforce. Yet, can I suggest they too, never forget.