Story Room

  • Monday 01 Aug 2022
  • by Simon Phin
Simon Phin - Story Room

I rarely mix my personal life & professional life.

Just my preference.

I've been asked to speak a few times here in Sydney about what I do and why, and I've always declined. However, people often have misconceptions about matters they don't understand - so, I'm attempting to help a (possibly negative) audience understand a little more. If you're in Sydney you might enjoy it - tickets below...

'Simon is a surf lifesaver, keen surfer & early morning swimmer at Manly with the Drinks Express which is how most people know him. Simon also works on rigs. He stepped onto his first offshore deepwater drilling rig knowing nothing other than no one could be more nervous than him. With 20 years behind him & 50 rigs later covering 25+ countries, he’s experienced a little more than most and has found himself in situations he’d rather not be in'.