The Joy of Ocean Swimming

  • Friday 18 Jun 2021
  • by Simon Phin
Simon Phin - The Joy of Ocean Swimming

...and now for something a little different. For many of us, life has changed irrevocably because of Covid.

Between 2010 & March 2020, I spent on average 100 nights a year away from home. The necessity of our business, our work, and my own desires to understand our customers wherever they may be. In my line of work, that took effort and time. Too often, too much time away from the stability of friends, family, my wife & children, and home.

I am immensely fortunate to today live somewhere I can swim every morning and, in doing so, have met a fantastic bunch of people who recognise the joy in ocean swimming - whatever the conditions may bring.

Covid has challenged many of us who need to keep things going. Who have responsibilities to others and who, possibly selfishly like me, need some time out with others who might just feel the same way.

The short trailer below, 'Salt Joy', is about the ocean swimming group in Manly, Sydney. We swim all year round at dawn (and sometimes before in winter), rain, hail, or shine. This group exudes community because people feel they can belong to something and be somebody to someone.

And that, my friends, is what many of us need in life.

I hope this documentary brings a smile to your day as it does mine.